In Celebration of Ghana @ 61: Accra, an Airline Megacity


aeroplaneAs a global nomad turned travel consultant I worried my transition to Accra would leave me grounded. From afar it seemed travel from Accra to the rest of Africa was expensive and not fiscally viable for a young professional earning a merely meager salary (if that is what you want to call it). How was one supposed to even wrap their head around travel outside of Ghana if travel within Africa was so always labeled as exorbitant?However, my transition to Ghana has done nothing more than propel my life ambition of becoming a global citizen!

“Hi! Yes! I am culturally AMBIGIOUS and I LOVE it! WOOOHOOOO!”

In three years I have traveled to the Middle East, Asia, Europe, North America and the most obvious across Africa! All have been quite reasonable in cost, efficient in terms of connections and pretty stellar in terms of performance.

Accra – Muscat, Oman with Ethiopia Airlines: Bimmah Sinkhole

In all of my excitement, it seems I need to take a few steps back. First and foremost, there is only one international airport in Ghana, Kotoka (KIA), which is literally in the capital. The airport is currently made up of two terminals (domestic and international) with a third terminal, expected to handle 1,250 passengers an hour (#WOW) and is expected to be completed by July 2017.

So what? Why does that make Ghana so important?

Like you I wondered the same, but don’t let Ghana fool you. When considering West Africa, Ghana is the first point of call, not only for business people but also for tourist. In 2011, KIA saw roughly 700,000 passengers. Compared to 2014 where there was more than 2.5 million passengers. That’s more than a 100% growth (#WOWAGAIN). There should be no surprise to note 20% of such passengers continue to Nigeria, the most sought out West African destination.

At present there are 33 scheduled airlines that visit KIA. Major international and leading African carriers include British Airways, South African Airways, TAP, Ethiopian Airways, KLM and Kenyan Airways, just to name a few. Airbus predicts by 2030 Accra will become an “airline megacity” with the capacity to handle 10,000 or more long haul passengers a day (#WOWWOWWOW). Johannesburg is already one… Watch out South Africa, Ghana is on the rise!

Accra – Sao Tome with TAP: Boca de Inferno

So what are you sitting back and waiting for? KIA literally opens you up to a world of opportunity!

Head East and explore Naiorbi or Addis…
Go West and take in the essence of Dakar…
Head North for some Arabian nights in Cairo or Casablanca!

How about a short ride South to Sao Tome and Principe (I promise you will not be disappointed)!And those are just a few of your African options!

Got a dose of FOMO? YOLO people! The WORLD is literally at your finger tips… where will you go first?

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