Ushering in an Abundant 2018


One thing is true about the holidays and that is it brings a sense of restoration allowing us to have a fresh start. Hopefully by now you have closed out your 2017 and are in a position to walk into your 2018.

I am declaring 2018 a year of abundance.

This is your year and mine to reach up and grab everything our hearts desire and more. This is our year of great success! Financial fortitude. Spiritual awakening. Strong health. Mental strength. And so much more.

Do you believe 2018 is your year?

I do. Not only do I believe it for me but I also believe it for you. Nothing happens by coincidence. You are reading this post by design. Here are a few steps you can take to usher in an abundant 2018.

1. Believe you deserve a year of abundance

What you put out you receive back. When you shift your focus to attract certain things it will come your way. Start the year off right and on a positive note. Believe this is your year!

2. Create a personal vision statement

A man without a vision will perish… well this is not your year to perish but to reap. Take a few minutes and create a personal vision statement for the year and five “I am…” statements to accompany it (even if they don’t exist already! Now is the time cast your vision and claim it). For example:

Vision Statement:

To live an abundant life where I cherish my wins and grow from my failures.

5 I am Statements:

I am strong, confident and beautiful.

I am financially sound.

I am a homeowner.

I am a leader in my community.

I am a loving wife, sister, mother, friend, aunt.

3. Set Ambitious Goals

Hi! Just want to be sure you are still with me. Remember this is your year of abundance. DREAM BIG! This year be sure to set goals even you think are unrealistic to obtain. You’ll be surprised at what you achieve.

4. Sow Seeds of Gratitude

This year commit to sowing at least 10% of your income to a cause you are passionate about. If you are already sowing financially, step it up this year and give your time. Remember – we reap what we sow.

My dear friend, believe me when I say – THIS IS YOUR YEAR OF ABUNDANCE!

God bless you, your comings and goings and most important may he bless everything you touch this year. May your 2018 be full of his grace, mercy and abundance. Amen.

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