Move Past the Distraction and into Your Purpose


Let’s be honest, we all get distracted. In some ways, it’s hard not to. You may have the best intentions to walk into a store to buy just three things and before you know it you left with 33! Hmmm…. now how did that happen?

Have you ever thought about the power of a distraction?

To be honest, I never really gave it any consideration. Then one day, I became extremely motivated. Ideas began flowing left and right and I was taking steps on how to actualize everything that was pouring out of me. Out of the blue I received some… well… less than favorable news.. yeah that sums it up. This news interrupted my progress, it took away my positive energy, it dampened my mood and set off a trickle effect of worry and anxious thoughts. I became consumed by what was told to me and completely lost sight of what I was building.

As I focused on my “now” problem, I moved further and further away from the once exciting task I was setting off to grow. The next morning it hit me hard – Do not let a distraction keep you from your purpose.


Perhaps you have experienced a strong conviction you were meant to do something but then an unexpected bill hit you and now all you can worry about is how to pay it? Or perhaps, you planned to apply for a Law program but then you started having issues at work and now your confidence is at an all time low and Law School seems like a distant dream? There just always seems to be something standing in your way.


Distraction Post

So what is it about a distraction?

Well to be honest, a distraction is temporary, but we make it last forever. We take distractions to new heights by worrying, having anxious thoughts, seeking solutions and throwing in the towel on what we know we are meant to do. It is not every distraction you can resolve.

Can you relate?

From today, I challenge you to identify your purpose. Walk in your purpose. Know when a challenge comes your way it is nothing more than a distraction. Sometimes distractions arise to keep you from fulfilling your potential. It places just enough burden on you and doubt in your mind you never move forward. Instead you stay lost in thought and walk further away from your destiny.

QuoteBut here is the good news…

Most times distractions are there to keep you from reaching your full potential, but you have the power to chose your destiny and not your set back. Sometimes they may even be there to strengthen you. The outcome of the distraction is completely up to you.

You own your destiny.

If distractions continue to consume your energy, your drive, your passion, it is not to late to re-identify and reclaim your purpose. Every action you take today, this week, this month will take you one step away from the distraction and one step closer to your destiny. When the next distraction comes, recognize it for what it is – a temporary set back – but never allow it to derail you from achieving what you are meant for ever again.

Keep moving towards your purpose!

Every step counts…

So today, take a minute to write out that thing that makes you excited. Call it your purpose. Put it somewhere you can see and everyday chose to speak life to your purpose and not your distraction.




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